I shot this image at the Hooters Pro Rodeo in Fort Myers yesterday. Unlike the big rodeos in Arcadia, the ones at this venue are completely outdoors, with plenty of natural light. This was shot with my Canon 5D Mark iv, 70-200 f4 lens at 1/5000 second, f4, ISO 200.

This was shot at the Bradenton Skateboard Park on February 8. The curve formed by the skateboarder’s arms – especially the curve of his hand – is the focus of the image.

F is for Feathers

This image was shot last week at Myakka River State Park at high noon. I know you’re “not supposed” to shoot birds at that time of day, but I am not a birder. I’m just happy to shoot whenever the opportunity presents itself. Serendipitously, the harsh light created a really interesting shadow under the bird’s wing. Shot with Canon 5D Mark IV with 100-400 lens, f 5.6, 1/4000 sec., ISO 800.

January 9, 2020

This photo of an egret catching a snake is one of a series of about two dozen images depicting their life and death struggle. At one point the snake succeeded in biting the egret, and the bird let go – only to recover and retrieve his prey. Note the spirals on the snake’s belly. Shot with Canon 5D Mark IV, 100-400 L lens, f 5.6, ISO 500, 1/3200 sec.

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